Who is Daniel Nations? Timeline of Daniel Nations criminal history and the Delphi Murder Link

So who is Daniel Nations? According to his Facebook page, Nations is married to Katelyn nations and together they have a young daughter and newborn son. His Facebook bio reads “my daugher is my life” and “life….it’s not about me…its about you and our daughter!” His favorite quote is “I hope at my heavenly appointment,,, God will judge me by my heart and not my actions!” His hometown, according to Facebook, is listed as Chesnee, South Carolina. Nations is an ex-Marine, ran into serious trouble with the law in 2007, when he was arrested for indecent exposure and placed onto the sex offender list. At the time, Nations was a Marine stationed at Parris Island. According to records, he exposed himself while he was in his car in a parking lot and then again in front of a woman and her child who were riding bikes.

But according to records, it was not the first time Nations was arrested for a similar crime. He was also charged with indecent exposure four times while stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina and a fifth time while in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Let’s run down the timeline of Daniel Nations and how it could connect to the Delphi Murder case. If Nations is connected to the murder, it’s shocking how a man so focused on his own daughter, who proclaimed that his daughter was “his life” could take two daughters away from their own loving families.

In 2007, Daniel Nations was listed on the sex offender registry. Court records show he was convicted of exposing and pleasuring himself in a WalMart parking lot in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

Per court documents from that incident, the witness told police that Nations exposed himself and then asked her, “You want to get on this? It’ll be fun.”

Daniel Nations is also required to register as a Sex Offender whenever he moves into a new state, which means he is a registered sex offender in Florida, Indiana and South Carolina due to living in those states at one point or another.

In 2012, Daniel Nations registered as a sex offender after moving to Florida in August of 2012. His last recorded address in Florida is in St Petersburg.

Nation’s arrest record indicate he moved from Florida to Indiana. Between 2014 and 2016, Daniel Nations was busy, his arrest records indicating run-ins with the law in several Indiana counties, including Bartholomew, Hendricks, Johnson and Marion counties. In July of 2015, Daniel Nations was arrested after he hid in the stall of a woman’s restroom at a Rickers gas station on U.S. 31 in Johnson County, Indiana and was caught peeping at women and pleasuring himself.

Daniel Nations has a long list of arrests and a history of skipping court appearances in Indiana. He has been arrested invasion of privacy, possession of marijuana, failure to pay child support, driving with a suspended license and operating a motor vehicle without financial responsibility. He has multiple mugshots from these arrests.

It is also reported he was arrested for Domestic Violence against his wife, Katelyn.

In early 2017, Daniel Nations’ was living in Martinsville, Indiana, which is about 100 miles from Delphi.

However, according to Captain Brent Worth, of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department, Daniel’s self-reported location during the time of the Delphi murder was not not a permanent address, instead, he told police he was living homeless under bridges in the area of State Road 67. This is an eerie connection to the Delphi murders, which happened near a bridge in Delphi. The famous photo of the suspected killer was also taken on the Monan High Bridge.

Because Nations was a convicted sex offender, he was required to check in with his probation officer regularly. Since he had no permanent address, weekly check ins were required. According to Captain Worth, he checked in on February 7 and then again on February 14, the day the bodies of Abby and Libby were discovered. The following week, he failed to check in, and authorities placed a warrant for his arrest.

On the day of the murders, Daniel Nation’s wife, Katelyn, posted a cryptic message about not being able to talk to someone. Considering her husband was reportedly living under bridges at the time, it could be referring to this or something more sinister. The post read “Is it bad…That all I want to do is talk to you…but i can’t.” From the post below, Katelyn also had her 28 week doctor appointment on February 13th. Daniel Nations was about to be a father again, this time to a little boy.

For failing to check in with his parole officers, Daniel Nations was arrested and incarcerated from February 24 – 28, 2017. That’s 10 days after Libby and Abby were murdered.

According to Indiana Court Records, Katelyn then filed for divorce in April 2017, but the case is still pending as neither Daniel or Katelyn appeared at the several hearings in the case.

Daniel Nations registered as a sex offender in Johnson County on April 10 with an address at the InTown Suites in Greenwood. This was his last registered address in Indiana before disappearing with his wife and two children in tow with Colorado as their destination in mind.

Although Daniel Nations is not originally not placed in Colorado until June or July of 2017, Facebook posts from his wife Katelyn indicate he was there as early as May 10th. She posts in a Facebook group looking for help for her and her family. The post reads: Hello Everyone, my family recently came to colorado to start over. We ended up having money we had saved stolen during our trip. We are thankful we have been able to keep gas and food thanks to food stamps but we are in our car and its a tight space. We are in Denver and have been trying to find work and what not and have scraped up and have scraped up some change and whatnot and have only come up with $20 but may need to use it if our gas gets low. Can anyone help with or suggest a motel or something who may let me work for a room or something? We are desperate. Thank you for your time. God bless.

One of the commenters suggests the Denver Police could help – to which Katelyn responds “nope”. This makes sense, because even if her husband is not involved with the Delphi murders, he is wanted by the police for breaking the conditions of probation and failing to register his new location, or inform his probation officer of his plans to leave Indiana abruptly.

On September 14, a week before a group of hikers was threatened by a man with a hatchet, Timothy Watkins, a bicycle enthusiast, was mysteriously shot and killed in El Paso County, Colorado, in the same area where the hikers were threatened. On Monday, September 25ths, Woodland Park Police pulled over a red Chevy Prism with expired Indiana tags and plates, and discovered Daniel Nations at the wheel. His wife and two young children were in the vehicle. They searched the car to discover a hatchet and a .22 caliber rifle, the same caliber as the one used to murder Watkins. Nation’s’ wife, Katelyn, told police she bought the gun for her husband for protection. Shortly after the arrest, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office received information that potentially connected Nations to the murder of Watkins, who was found dead near Mt. Herman Road.

Nations is currently facing charges of menacing and reckless endangerment but the sheriff’s department there says more charges are likely in the coming days. Daniel does not deny interacting with a group of hikers, however, he claims he simply shook his fist at him and did not threaten them with the hatchet.

Due to his connection to Indiana and tips received by the Indiana State Police, Nations became a potential person of interest interest in the Delphi murder case. However, Nations is one of many people, potentially hundreds, who is currently being investigated by the Indiana State Police in the Delphi killings. Two detectives from the Indiana State Police went to interview Nations. Police described a possible suspect, pictured in a video taken on one of the girls’ phones before their death, as a 5’6″ to 5’10″ male, weighing 180 to 220 pounds with reddish brown hair – a description that matches Daniel Nations, though some believe the Delphi Killer appears older than Nations from the photos police released.

The Indiana State Police have also revealed they may have DNA evidence in the Delphi case, so if Nations is the killer, this case could potentially be solved in the upcoming days.


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