Any:Time Miami (24 Hours Miami)

24 Hours Miami travel guide is the best way to travel and experience Miami like a local with something cool and quirky to do at every hour of the day and night and containing 200+ listings of the best Miami activities!
Written by an established travel professional, Elizabeth Graces 24 Hour City Guide, 24 Hours Miami, took over the #1 spot in Miami Travel Guides on Amazon within hours of being released.

24 Hours Miami travel guide is not the typical travel book. This travel guide answers the question ‘What Can I Do Right Now?’, giving the traveler or even Miami local, options for activities, eateries and cultural excursions that perfectly fit into their schedule. For example, someone waking from jetlag at 4 am in Miami can open the guide to find options for coffee or sightseeing, even at that early hour.

24 Hours Miami travel guide is not only helpful, its also entertaining and designed to make a great read – whether or not they are actually traveling at the time or not. One of the best features of the 24 Hours Miami travel guide is it takes a unique view of established tourist attractions and adds in insider’s secrets, such as when that activity might be free or have special offers.



Advance Reviews for 24 Hours Miami:

24 Hours Miami Travel Guide

24 Hours Miami brings back so many memories and passions that I have for my home town. I’ve traveled the world and love many countries but there’s no place like Miami. Growing up in South Beach I saw everything old changing in to the new we know today. I like how this guide doesn’t stay on the island of Miami Beach. I’ve been to almost everything listed and they’re all places I’ll take visitors to!

Lissette Garcia, CBS Television Personality

Most guide books tell you what to see, do and eat in a particular destination. In 24 Hours Miami, Elizabeth Grace takes it a step further by sharing WHEN to do it. Elizabeth’s humor laced suggestions will have you wanting to stay up past your bed time and waking up before the chickens just so you can experience all Miami has to offer. I wish there were a guide book like this for every city I visit.”

Rick Griffin, host Midlife Road Trip,

“24 Hours Miami is a great guide for both the travel planner and figure it out as you go traveler. This easy to read travel guide includes a variety of attractions, restaurants and bars, including some unusual finds like a castle made from coral to cover up mining equipment and a Spanish monastery originally built in 1133 and moved to Miami in the 20th century, plus hidden gems like a dive bar where you can actually buy a craft beer for the non-Miami price of $3. Be sure to pick up 24 Hours Miami for your next trip to Miami.”

Katherine Belarmino, Author of Travel the World,

“Miami has much more than sand and sun. You will need over 24 hours to visit the dozens of attractions, parks, restaurants, and hot spots covered in 24 Hours in Miami. Whether you are visiting Miami for one day or one month, you will find something interesting, fun, and exciting to do around the clock.”

Charles McCool, Travel Writer,

“24 Hours Miami offers the visitor a plethora of fun, quirky and creative ideas to make a city stay of any length interesting and memorable.”

Irene S. Levine, Award-winning travel journalist and producer of

Whether youre a traveler or have lived in Florida for years, 24 Hours Miami is stocked with creative ideas for how to get the most out of a great city. Written by an adventuresome local, this book encompasses both the popular attractions and the undiscovered. Follow Elizabeth Graces advice, and youll be among the few who can say they have truly embraced all of the art, nature and unique culture that Miami has to offer.

Brittany Davis, Reporter

“One of my best travel memories ever is spending 24 hours non-stop seeing highlights suggested by a guidebook on New York. I had to figure out the schedule on my own. Now 24 Hours Miami does all that work for you. And does it extremely well. This is your best ticket to an awesome tour of the most awesome city in America.”

Ric Datzman, Award winning writer, producer and director

“I’ve been to Miami countless times yet have only experienced eight of the activities in this book. From history to wildlife to adventure sports to food, oh yes, lots of food, Elizabeth Grace gives you it all. While 24 Hours Miami has great information to offer for your 24 hours in Miami, there are enough adventures listed to make you want to stay for a week.”

Carole Rosenblat, Travel Writer and Adventurer,

“24 Hours Miami is my kind of travel guide and it highlights everything from cruise ship spotting to chocolate for breakfast and even playing with a baby tiger. In short this guide quite simply provides advice on where to go and what to do without the boring sections in-between. If like me you want a guide that gets to the point then this is the ideal one for you. Dont visit Miami without it!”

Danielle Fear, Award-Winning Cruise Blogger,

As an avid planner, Elizabeth Grace’s 24 hour guide to Miami not only takes the stress out of planning a great visit in a short amount of time, it also makes it extremely fun! I get to pinpoint my interests and create the perfect itinerary, no matter the hour, without wasting time, by each choosing sights, activities, restaurants and more that I both love! Using her guide had me excited for my stay in Miami before, during & even after my vacation! I highly recommend this guide to help you plan, discover & enjoy your next trip to Miami!

Haydee Stuart, Founder of Pollo Pass,